Tired of watching your monthly check shrink?

Should I sell or not sell? 

Maybe you've thought about it.  "Is the time right for me to finally receive an upfront cash payment in lieu of a uncertain amount on an check?"  It is a tough decision.  Especially if you inherited your oil and gas interests from a family member or planned to pass them down to the next generation. Maybe you are just tired of trying to plan around uncertainty.

"I sure could use the money to...." 

You fill in the blank.  Everyone has different needs and desires.  But, whatever the reason that you may have to explore the potential of selling, take your time. 

Take your time.  

Think about it.  However, if you want or need to sell your interests, consider Cascade Energy. 

Cascade is a leading purchaser of oil and gas properties

throughout the United States.

Cascade Energy specializes in providing a way for individuals, trusts, partnerships, etc. to quickly and discreetly liquidate their oil and gas holdings.  We have successfully completed transactions that range from several hundred to that of multi-million dollars.